Jailbreak Apple TV 3 – Snow3rd

Jailbreak Apple TV 3 – Snow3rd

Snow3rd is the world’s first jailbreaking tool (beta version) for Apple TV 3.
It has specially designed to jailbreak Apple TV 3 but you can use it to jailbreak Apple
TV 2 (up to iOS 5.0.2). Currently, this tool can jailbreak iOS versions up to iOS 5.0.2
We will update it as soon as possible to jailbreak latest iOS version of Apple TV 3.

Snow3rd is an untethered jailbreak tool.
Therefore, you don’t want a computer to reboot your apple tv 3.

Warning – Please read
Snow3rd is a beta version software. Many users have complained malfunction of this
We can guarantee that it will not harm your Apple TV. You can still try it ( No Adware
or No surveys).

Otherwise find another jailbreaking solution from;
iJailbreak web site or use Plex Connect as alternative for Apple TV 3 jailbreaking.

Requirements to jailbreak Apple TV3 with Snow3rd;
iTunes 10.5 or higher version
Windows xp or windows 7.
(Currently this software only works with windows PCs. Software has not been tested with windows 8)
Apple TV3 with iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 or iOS 5.0.2
Micro USB cable

More informations about Apple TV 2 and 3 Jailbreaking…..

If you are apple tv 2 user , still you can’t jailbreak latest iOS version ( iOS ) of it. IOS 5.2.1 is the latest version of iOS for Apple TV 2 and 3.
But you can jailbreak iOS 5.2.0 using snowbreeze, evasion or seasonpass.
However snow3rd is beta version of software. Therefore we don’t recommend to using this to jailbreak apple tv 2.Snow3rd is not a alternative for Snowbreeze, Evasion or Seasonpass.
Currently these tools are very popular amoung the jailbreak users.
Snow3rd is still beta testing version. It has specially designed to jailbreak Apple TV 3.
You can’t jailbreak Apple TV 2 using Snowbreeze, Evasion or Seasonpass.

Currently latest iOS version of apple tv 3 is the iOS 5.2.1
We will release updates to jailbreak it as soon as possible.

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